Why Rowing Should Be a Club Sport At Marshfield.

Rowing should be a club sport because it is good exercise, it is fun to do, and there are long term benefits.

Rowing is good exercise because it uses every muscle in the human body. Rowing increases endurance, and it also greatly improves cardiovascular strength. Rowing is about control and not just shear power. To make sure the boat does not capsize, the rower must be graceful with his/her movements. To go fast, the rower has to have power on the return stroke. Rowing also improves posture by strengthening the back muscles.

What keeps me motivated to do rowing is the thrill of being on the water. The water enables me to explore and to enjoy the scenery. I also think that rowing is fun. When I row with my friends, they greatly improve my rowing experience. Sometimes we talk a little on the water, or we have mini races to see who is the fastest. When I am rowing on the Green Harbor River, I see the beautiful landscape, and I also see the natural wildlife. What I enjoy about rowing the most is the competition of being first and the fastest.It motivates all of us to work harder and try better.

One of the long term benefits that rowing has is the opportunity to make lifelong friends. Another benefit is that rowing is a lifelong sport. There is no age limit. As long as the person has the motivation, they can row. Also rowing can lead to scholarships. Many outstanding colleges in and around New England have good rowing teams, and there are not a lot of rowers to fill those teams relative to more popular sports like football or basketball. The reason I chose rowing is because I do not like to play most popular sports. Some kids do not have many sports options that they like or are able to do. I used to row with a person who is blind. He has very limited sports options. He can not play basketball or other sports, so Instead he does rowing. 

Rowing has enriched my life, and It could enrich the lives of many others at Marshfield High School.