Learn To Row

Who We Are

Green Harbor River Rowing (GHRR)  is a non-profit rowing organization located at Peter Igo Park on the historic Green Harbor River in Marshfield Massachusetts.GHRR is committed to educational rowing programs and excellence in rowing for the Town of Marshfield and surrounding community. GHRR is a volunteer-directed, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization offering rowing instruction, competitive training, and educational programs for people of all ages, income, and levels of physical ability.

Learn To Row

 Classes teach the fundamentals of safe equipment handling, proper river navigation, rowing terminology, along with successful and confident rowing skills. Your coach will teach the basics and GHRR members also volunteer in the boat with you, so you can learn from rowers with on the water experience.

Classes are organized as needed and consist of :

Private Lesson: 1 coach with 1 rower in a double shell.

Group Lesson: 1 coach with 3 or 4 rowers in a quad shell.

Our experience has been that after three to four lessons individuals are ready to join in one of our “Club Rows”.


3 Quad lessons

$ 75 3 Lessons

3 Private lessons (coach + 1)

$ 150 3 Lessons

Experience the beauty of rowing on the Green Harbor River.
Meet our members and learn about GHRR!