GHRR Junior Rowing

GHRR’s Junior Rowing is an after school and summer rowing program for High School and Middle School aged students. Our goal is for our Juniors to learn the art of sculling and enjoy the physical well being that is part of rowing. We are a fun and focused group!

One of our goals is to grow a Club Team of Marshfield High School and Junior High Girl and Boy Student Athletes who love the sport or rowing and to have the opportunity to compete in Massachusetts Public Schools Association(MPSRA) regattas.

Practices include; equipment handling,  safe river navigation, and the fundamentals of successful and confident rowing. The focus for novice (beginner) rowers is not as much about strength and conditioning as it is about rowing posture and technique.

Coaches take a slow patient approach to building the shape and sequencing of the rowing stroke. We build good muscle memory around a consistent mechanical efficiency that becomes effortless and graceful.

Practice begins in April then again in September after school and Saturdays.

Learn to Row clinics are held during the April school vacation, in  early summer and again in September, specifically for new junior rowers.

GHRR Youth Rowing is in its infancy and has many “strokes” with our oars ahead of us.  With consistent training and equipment GHRR and Marshfield will rise to this level. As novices feel comfortable with the rowing stroke they are encouraged to join in with all GHRR members rowing in “club rows”.

Youth Rowing Clinics

$ 55 3 Lesson Clinc

After School Youth Rowing

$ 120 Per Month - 3 days per week

Student Membership - 18+ years of age*

$ 75 Per Year - Row with members

*If a student already has basic rowing skills; they are eligible to participate in non-instructional group or member rows. To check eligibility, please contact us.

The purpose of the Massachusetts Public Schools Rowing Association MPSRA, from their web site and by-laws:

Advance opportunity in the sport by supporting multiple team structures and encouraging diversity in championship regatta event categories.

Organize and support a process (“Championship Regattas”) by which Fall and Spring Massachusetts Public School State Champions can be determined.

Facilitate the sharing and dissemination of information pertinent and helpful to all teams whether start-up or established.

Provide competition through the Championship Regattas as an avenue for programs to develop speed and improve competitiveness in the broader world of rowing.